About Creation -2

The reduction of human beings to the lowest of the low Allah created the holy spirit in the finest formation in the realm of Divinity [Lahut]. Then He wished to reduce it to the lowest of the low, for the purpose of increasing intimacy and nearness. He sent it down first to the realm of […]

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About Creation-1

The beginning of creation [ibtida’ al-khalq] One should know—may Allah enable you to achieve what is dear and pleasing to Him!-that Allah (Exalted is He) first created the spirit of Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) from the light of His Beauty. As Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He) has told us: I […]

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Who is Allah(SWT)?

 Allāh – The God of the Holy Qur’ān He is Allāh, Glory be to Him, and there is no other God but Allāh. This is the only Presence that comprehends all presences (al-Wajūd al Jāmi‘), and no worshipper of God worships anything but this Presence (al-Wajūd). There is nothing like Him (He is beyond all comparison), and […]

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Facts about the Divine name

 Allāh – The Name of God in the Holy Qur’ān “I alone am Allāh. There cannot be, is no other and will never be One for worship but Me.” (20:14) His verses (Ayāt) in the Holy Qur’ān have passed the judgement that He is Allāh – Glory be to Him, there is no other Deity […]

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Welcome to My Blog

I am Akib Masud. In this world, I am a traveler just like yourself. I am not very old but I have learnt a lot of things both based on my experiences and my curiosity about the “real” reality of this existence. My aim is to share my knowledge of whatever I have learnt. But […]

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